Pipe Conveyors
Simplicity pipe conveyor is an eco friendly and energy efficient method of mechanical conveying of bulk materials. The Simplicity pipe belt conveyor can take curves in the horizontal and vertical planes.

When compared to conventional belt conveyor system we find that a single pipe conveyor taking a curved path can replace a number of belt conveyors, without the nusciance of transfer points which are polluting and degrade the belt and conveyor mechanically.

A pipe conveyor consumes about 10 to 15 % of power needed for an equivalent pneumatic conveying system.

Simplicity is collaborating with Dosco Overseas Engineering Ltd. of the United Kingdom for manufacturing of pipe conveyor systems.

Dosco overseas is a licensee of Bridgestone Corporation, Japan; who are the inventors of the pipe conveyor.

Simplicity pipe conveyor are available upto 6000 meters single flight and with capacities upto 5000 tph.
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