Sampling Systems

In Indian industry till the very recent past sampling was viewed as a formality and thus was never taken seriously, but now with the economy opening up and with increasing import & export of coal and ores, sampling has become increasingly important to determine the quality of material and its true worth.

Simplicity offers you the Prisecter (Eriez group of USA) range of automatic sampling stations. The Prisecter sampling system is renowned worldwide and finds wide applications in the power, coal, steel and mineral processing industries.

The Prisecter sampler is fitted in the head chute of belt conveyors and it cuts samples at regulated intervals by cutting through the material stream in a rotary movement.

This rotary sampler is rugged and requires practically no maintence. The sampling station may be single stage or multiple stage depending upon the quantum of material to be sampled, the material flow rate, the lump size and the accuracy of analysis needed.

You have the option of having the sampler imported from UK or having it fabricated in India by Simplicity as per Prisecter drawings.

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