Hoists Electric & Chain Wire Rope
Simplicity electric hoists are manufactured for class I, II, III and IV, in duties conforming to IS 3938 and capacities from 0.5 tons to 20 tons. The modular construction facilitates easy servicing as the entire hoist assembly is built up from modular construction viz. hoisting, gear box, hoist motor with break, electrical control and trolley drive unit. The different module are independent of one another and can be separately assembled.  The hoist body is steel fabricated and accurately bored for alignment of all components.  The hoist motor is high starting torque crane duty with built in electro magnetic AC /DC brakes.  Modular machines cut helical/spur gears are housed in a totally enclosed oil lubricated gear box. The rope drum is machined from seamless pipes with deep grooves. The hook block is of forged steel and is tested for 100 % over load.  The hoist is controlled from the floor through independent push buttons. We offer twin hoistarrangement for high lift, flame proof type for chemical industry and micro speed arrangement for low speeds of hoisting.
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