Bucket Elevator


Elevators move products (typically aggregate or bulk) vertically via reciprocating buckets. The conveyor is made of an interconnected loop of troughs / buckets that stay level when moving from horizontal to vertical, preventing their contents from spilling out. The conveyor is loaded with material at the front, or “boot”, and each bucket automatically material at the end of the run, also known as the discharge.

Our Experience

We have till date manufactured over 150+ bucket elevators. We manufacture elevator of centrifugal, continuous and positive discharge style both of chain type and belt type. Bucket Elevators have been supplied by us for handling materials as diverse as Coal, Lime Stone, Clinker, Raw Meal, Cement, Salt, Seeds and Magnesites. We have supplied 19 bucket elevators with round link chains to M/S. Birla Periclase - Vishakapattnam. These elevators are of positive discharge type and are to handle material at about 350 degree C. We have executed an order for 2 Nos. Bucket Elevators design at 490 TPH and having a lift of 47 mtrs. each

Type of Belt Conveyors

➣ Centrifugal discharge Type
➣ Continous discharge Type
➣ Z type Bucket Elevator
➣ Inclined