EOT Crane


EOT (Electric Overhead Traveling) crane is one of the types of overhead cranes, which is also called a bridge crane. EOT cranes operate on electricity. It needs an operator or pendant station to control the functions of the EOT crane. An EOT has three working movements: Crane Hook Up and Down Lifting, Trolley Lateral Movement, and Crane Long Traveling Longitudinal Motion.

Our Experience

EOT Cranes are under our regular manufacturing programme and regular supplier for the capacity of 30+ Ton. We have supplied 5 Nos. EOT cranes to the OCL, Rajgangpur. We have supplied 3 Cranes and 17 Nos. Hoists from RAMSARUP LOHH UDYOG LTD., Kolkata where the consultants are MECON, RANCHI.

Type Of EOT Crane

➣ Single Girder
➣ Double Girder
➣ Semi-Gantry